I'm Everything You Fucks Been Waiting For...

I believe that everything i go through in life puts me one step closer to being a better person and if it werent for my mistakes, i wouldnt be the person ive become. I'm still growing, im still learning, tomorrow i will be more than i am today.
Ladies, kik me. Don’t be shy. AlexIndulge

Ladies, kik me. Don’t be shy. AlexIndulge

I have learnt my lesson and will give up. I only hope you’re happy with what you’ve found.
I wish for you happiness, joy and true love.. Something which I’ve been searching for too.

I realize with you, I’ve been thinking with my heart and not my mind.
That I was touching you with my soul and not my hands.

When I reached out my arms to hold you, my heart took their place, I should’ve known better.

So now I stand alone on this journey, a journey that maybe more than I can bare.

I find myself praying ( more for selfish reason) for something to take this pain away.

I’m lost in being lonely and too tired to even care. I just wanna be in love and be loved back.

This loneliness isn’t healthy..

I’m feeling much better but I still think about us from time to time.. Kinda sad that you completely forgot about us but I’m glad to see that you’re happy.. Sigh sigh sigh study study study.. Books are my friends now..